What Is The Difference Between A Sticky And A Non-Sticky Bonus?

Being a new player will confuse some people when they see the terms “sticky” or “non-sticky” bonus. The majority of online casinos will use these terms for their bonus offers and for a new player this can be confusing. But what is a “sticky” or a “non-sticky” bonus actually and how it affects the players?

Basically, these terms are used for the match bonus offers at online casinos, this way the player will know if the bonus they receive will be conditioned of wagering from the start or if it will be only after they end up to play with the bonus balance. While some casinos might not say what type of bonus they offer and only promote the percentage bonus and the wagering requirements for the bonus, most of the casinos with a non-sticky bonus will show players two separate balances: one for the real cash and one for the bonus funds.

sticky and non sticky casino bonus

What is a Sticky Casino Bonus?

The term sticky will refer to the fact that both the real money and the bonus balance will be combined for the wagering requirements. These bonuses can be much bigger than the non-sticky bonuses and they will have lower wagering requirements. But just because they have a lower X for the wagering, doesn’t mean that it is better since the total will be much higher than if the wagering requirements will only be applied to the bonus funds as they do on a non-sticky bonus.

Choosing a sticky bonus over a non-sticky one might have some benefits since players can often find 200%, 300%, or even 400% casino bonus where they can make a small deposit and start with a much higher balance to play with.

A sticky bonus might also bring other benefits since the player can’t cashout and if he is lucky he might end up with a much higher balance than he would normally go to in a normal real money play. This is very hard though and casinos have a much higher edge over the sticky bonuses since not a lot of players will be able to finish the wager.

The “trick” with sticky casino bonuses is to take a big bonus offer and do bigger bets so you might have the chance of hitting a big win that will help you eventually finish the wager.

For example, if you deposit 20 euros and take a 200% casino bonus, you will end up with a 60 euro balance that you can use to play with. To have a higher chance for a big win, our recommended tactic is to have a bet that would match the bonus, so if you have 3 times the balance the bet should also be 3 times higher than you normally play with.

This tactic is risky but it is also a way to have a higher chance for a bigger win that will help you finish the wager and cashout.

If you want to take a sticky bonus to have more time to play, then don’t use any tactics you find online. Just play with your normal bet sizes and then you will double or triple your playtime.

What is a Non-Sticky Casino Bonus?

Playing with a non-sticky bonus and finding a casino that offers this kind of bonus is the best possible way to have a bigger edge over the casino and have a higher chance to win from the bonus.

The non-sticky casino bonus works exactly as the sticky one but with a small and important twist: you first start to play with the real money balance.

The fact that you start playing with real money before you end up playing with the bonus is the main benefit of the non-sticky bonus. You will basically play the same way as without a bonus but you will also have a “safety net” if you end up losing the real money balance.

Once you end up losing the real money from your casino account, you will start using the bonus funds and the wagering requirement will start. The bonus funds will be sticky and you will have almost the same terms as with taking a sticky bonus.

If you win up at the beginning with the real funds and you want to cashout, there is no problem doing that if the bonus is non-sticky. You can just cancel the bonus funds and cashout all the wins you had from the real money balance play.

Experienced players and players who don’t like to be forced to a wagering requirement will often only take non-sticky bonuses because they will not be conditioned to any wagering while they play with the real money balance and they have the same gameplay as with playing with no bonus at the start.

Once you end up on the bonus balance, the majority of players will raise the bet and hope they get a big win that will help them with the wagering requirement and complete the wager for a cashout.

Which Bonus Should I Take?

best-bonuses-and-promotionsDepending on what you want to do at a casino, what games you want to play, what bet size you play with, and how much time you want to play, you can decide if a sticky bonus or a non-sticky bonus would be the best option for you. Sticky bonuses have a wagering requirement over the full balance on the casino and players who love to play only for fun would enjoy these bonuses more than other types of bonuses.

If you want to play live casino or bonus buy games, then a non-sticky would be better since you can play those games with the real funds but once you end up at the bonus funds you should not do that unless you are allowed to play those games.

All bonuses have restrictions and terms connected to them and you should read those carefully. The last thing a player would want to see is that after the wager is complete, the winnings will be forfeited because the player didn’t respect the terms of the bonus. So be careful and see what games you can play and what games are restricted, what is the maximum bet size, and how much you can cashout after the bonus is wagered. Then you can decide if you want to take the bonus or search for another casino with better terms.

The maximum bet size applies to bonus buy games also, so you need to be careful with this one since even though the bet will show 1 euro on a game if you buy the bonus for 100 euros the bonus terms will be broken since your bet at that moment was 100 euros.

So which one is better? In our opinion, the non-sticky bonuses are the best if you want to have a bit of a higher chance for a cashout but sticky bonuses are good if you are lucky since you might end up with an even bigger cashout than you would expect.


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