What Happens If You Break The Terms At A Casino?

If you start playing at a casino, the most important part before depositing and playing is to read the terms and conditions. We are used to not care about terms anymore so people just scroll through them and don’t read them at all. This is a bad thing to do, especially when there is money involved.

One of the most often broken rules from the terms is the maximum bet size. Of course, this term only applies if you accept a bonus from the casino, so be very careful when having a bonus and read the terms and conditions that apply to it before making any spin. Other terms are around the maximum withdrawal, you clearly don’t want to win 100.000$ at a casino that has a 500$ per day maximum withdrawal, that will take you over half a year to withdraw your winnings and frustration to go each day and request another withdrawal from them.

But what can happen if you break the terms?

When using a bonus, breaking the terms and conditions from a casino will almost all the times mean you will not be able to cashout any winnings, and the money will be confiscated by the casino. This is the worst thing that can happen to a player who spends hours and hours wagering the bonus funds just to find out that after he requested a cashout, he will not receive the money he won.

Most of the times, players will do the following mistakes:

  • Bet higher than the maximum bet.
  • Buy bonuses in bonus buy slots.
  • Play restricted slots and casino games.

The maximum bet size is often in 2 forms, per line and total bet, so if the casino terms say that the maximum bet size is 5$ or 0.5$ per line, you need to ask them clearly which one will apply if you play a 20 lines game.

Restricted slots and casino games can be found on the bonus terms and players should not play them at all.

Some casinos will show a warning when entering a restricted game or have a too high bet size, but the majority won’t do that so you need to be very careful.

If you broke a term by mistake (entering a restricted game and do 1 spin or do 1 spin with a higher bet by mistake), you should instantly stop playing and contact the casino to explain your mistake.

Casinos have very advanced software that will detect any breach of the terms, so you should never underestimate them or the terms. They will try to find any terms breach you made and you would not be able to hide it from them.


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