Percentage Match Bonus or Free Spins – What To Choose?

Picking a new bonus on a casino website is something that almost all gamblers love, but when you are presented with multiple options for the deposit bonus, players usually don’t know what to pick. Presented with a match bonus or free spins, most players will choose the match bonus. But what bonus would be better for you to pick and why?

If you deposit a small sum, most of the time the free spins would be better to get on a first deposit. Why? Because theoretically, the free spins might bring you more bonus balance than a match bonus if you deposit small amounts.

If you are presented with an “Up To 200$ Bonus” and your plan is to deposit 200$, then you should take the match bonus since it will be a better deal than the free spins.

Always know that the lower you deposit, the more favorable to pick are the free spins (which can also give out huge payouts). But that should also be taken if the free spins numbers are over 50.

You should calculate the number of free spins and see how much would cost you in bonus balance to play the same number of spins.

If you find that you can do more spins using a match bonus than the free spins bonus, then pick the match bonus and have fun with a double or even triple balance than your deposit.

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