First Time Playing Online Casino With Real Money

If you are new to online gambling and this is the first time you play with real money, you should know some basics so you will not end up losing more money than you can afford to lose. Playing at an online casino can be a bit more tricky than at a land-based casino, you will not have the money available at the same time as you cash out and you might also see the funds in the casino as “points” instead of money, which is something that can really mess up with your mind.

first time playing real money casino

Put A Deposit Limit

The first step when registering at an online casino is to set a deposit limit. This is the best way to control yourself and not end up losing more than you plan to. The money you deposit at an online casino should always be considered as entertainment money. Same way as you pay for Netflix, Disney Plus, or any other streaming service where you get in exchange for the money for some entertainment and shows, you should see casinos the same way when you make a deposit.

Never Play To Recover Losses

This is one of the worst things you can do as a casino player, trying to win back your losses. While sometimes it can happen, the majority of times you will end up losing more and more. This is why players should always have a limit, so they won’t be able to deposit more and more money after they lost the balance.

This is hard, we know that, and after 2-3 hours of playing slots, your mind won’t be the same as before starting. This can happen even if you play for 5 minutes only. Your brain will not be able to make the difference of money and balance from the casino, you will not be able to think about what you can do with that money except depositing more to play more.

Don’t Play By RTP

This is a mistake a lot of casino players do. They think that if a slot has a high RTP that will automatically imply that they can win more on that slot. While sometimes that can happen, low RTP slots can also pay big. The thing that a player should understand, is that RTP is calculated by millions and even billions of spins and it will not influence a single player.

Think about it like this, whenever you do a spin and you don’t win, the RTP of that slot is 0% and when you win a 10x, the RTP is 1000%, so the 97% RTP is not influencing the wins for only one player.

Play On Lower Bet Size

As a new player, you should start playing on low stakes just so you can get used to online gambling and the slots. While some slot machines might be very similar to land-based ones, the feeling and the game experience will differ. Don’t go in with the first deposits and do big bets until you are comfortable playing online.

Even after that, we don’t recommend you playing on high stakes, lower bets can be fun also and you should always see gambling as a form of entertainment.

Don’t Expect To Get Rich

Never expect to get rich from gambling. Some people did it, some will do it, but the vast majority will never get rich from online gambling. Gambling should be fun and not a get rich quick scheme, since that will not happen unless you are one of the luckiest persons alive.

Of course, we all want to feel that we are lucky, but hitting a jackpot win on a slot machine could be seen the same way as winning the lottery. You wish for it but you don’t play only because there is a small chance to win something big.

Exclude If You Can’t Control Yourself

Whenever you feel that things are going out of hand and you deposited too much, you should always exclude yourself from gambling online. You can take breaks for a few weeks or permanently exclude yourself if you feel that gambling is not for you and you can’t control yourself.

If things are going in the wrong direction for you, don’t be ashamed to ask for help. There are a lot of people with the same problem and talking with them or with your family or therapist will only help you with your problem.

These are the most important steps when deciding to start playing online casino with real money. If you think you can handle these steps and you are ready to find a casino to play on, we recommend you try one of our trusted and licensed online casinos from our website. Before grabbing a bonus on a casino, you should also read our Types Of Online Casino Bonuses so you can understand what you are getting into when accepting a casino bonus.

With these said, we hope you will have a great time playing and we wish you good luck.

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