2021 Casinos And Casino Bonuses

2021 will come with some new casinos for sure, but what will happen to bonuses and casinos that are already established brands?
While more and more countries from Europe start to change gambling rules, USA seems to be more and more open to the idea of online casinos, and Australia and New Zealand casinos are popping up almost every month even though their laws are starting to get more strict.

How Will 2021 Look From A Player Perspective?

We believe that 2021 will bring a lot of good changes in the gambling community, laws that will be made for the players and not for the casinos. Laws that will help players to not loose a lot of money and will help players with gambling addiction. While for some highrollers these laws will only make them be angry, for the average player it’s a good thing.

Germany will start having the 1euro max bet for slots and remove the autoplay and quickspin function from slots.

Sweden will ban gambling ads from TV during a certain period of the day and they want to make a maximum deposit of 500 euros per week for players.

UK will focus more and more on a fair play from the casinos and will not allow them to abuse the players in any form.

USA might open up to online gambling and more states will allow players to register and play online casino games with real money.

Finland is preparing to regulate online gambling and making it more secure for the players.


What Bonuses Will 2021 Bring For The Players?

Most of the bonuses will be the same, 100% and 200% casino bonuses being the most popular ones. While players love to grab a bonus, in 2020 we saw a great number of players starting to care more about the withdrawal time than on the bonus they receive.

2020 made Pay n Play casinos starting to pop-up and players often prefer to register on a pay n play casino and not receive any bonus than to get a bonus but have to wait for verification processes and stress before they receive the money.

In 2021 we believe more such casinos will appear and maybe we will see some of them giving out some bonuses for new players at the deposit.


Which Casinos Are The Best For 2021?

It is too soon to say exactly which casinos to play on in 2021 but we recommend players to stick to the ones that are proven fair and avoid fresh new 2021 casinos before they will be tested by more players and review websites.

Players can pick trusted 2020 casinos and play on those at the beginning of the year before they jump on new 2021 casinos.

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